Ethics Policy Ethics Policy for News Contents / Journalism

As a media house, We practice to provide the truth and strive to present a responsible Journalism. We believe that Transparency is must and Our power must be used responsibly, Accountability and Fair Journalism.

Our Goal is to raise Public related issues and promote humanity. These values must come through a discussion with our conscience, our colleagues and our leaders, both for the public interest and our own professional education.


Our aim is to deliver the facts with precision and context.

We believe in getting not only both sides, but “all” sides.

The best stories are multi-sourced. Facts are triple-checked. Issues are balanced with diverse views and sources.

They are, simply, as complete as possible. Team verify each content, before publishing. We also take care to choose the headline and each of our story carry a balanced headline.

We are committed to follow Acts, Rules and guidelines decided by the Government of India.